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  • Feb 14th, 2014 at 9:47 AM (CST)
  • By PD
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The seamy side of Sochi shows how the Olympics as a statement of the grandeur of humanity is hollow, a laminate of humanism covering a seedy substrate. The older I get and the more commericalized (the modern Olympics have it seems always been politicized) the Olypics gets - I'm not impressed with idiotic Ads for movies mixed in with athletes, as though that lends legitimacy to either. One of the nails in the coffin of the Olympics for me was reading about the sexual indiscretion of the athletes, that the even is one supersized orgy for the beautiful. Tens of thousands of condoms are routinely distributed.

So, Evgeni Plushenko, the icon of Russian figure skating, had to withdraw after hurting his back during warmups prior to the men's individual event. In a perfect storm of poitical and humanistic rage one Russian politician called for a future ban on athletes competing in more than two Olympics, labeling the elder skating statesman, "an invalid." Sadly, after having twelve surgeries over the 31 years of skating, Plushenko likely will be an invalid at some point as he ages. For now, the politician's comment underscores the mindset of the world, namely, you are loved and heralded as long as you can put out, as long as you bring "success" and notoriety. Barring that, you are nothing. 

It is Valentine's Day today, and I'm struck by the notion that the World shows conditional love, as exemplified in the cutting comments directed toward Plushenko. I remember reading that Steve Jobs sired a child out of wedlock, then tried to deny his paternity. Nice; how loving! At least later when it was proven the child was his he supported her. Some children will be confused as they learn about love, but experience abandonment of a parent, or even physical abuse. A statistic not often quoted by the media is that a children are far more likely to be abused by a step-parent than their biological parent, a statistical condemnation of the easy divorce and remarriage culture in North America.

Then again, autobiographies of the horrors experienced by some girls growing up in Muslim housholds make Western disrepsect of children pale in comparision. The book The Imam's Daughter will make your blood boil at the hellish sexism, power mongering and religious hypocrisy exhibited by Muslim men - not all, of course, but far too many. Some girls are physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually abused by their own Muslim fathers. I think God has a special place in Hell for such men. If they were to repent of their wickedness, much of it brought about by their religious indoctrinization of marginalizing women, and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ they could be saved. It would take remaking their hearts and minds, but the Spirit of God can do so; Paul the persecutor of Christians in the book of Acts in the Bible was remade into a believer in Jesus, and his actions were completely changed.

You may have heard it said that true love is an action, not an emotion. I like that sentiment, as God demonstrated His love for us in sending a redeemer, Jesus (see Romans 5:6-8). The book of I Corinthians in the Bible, which was written to the group of believers in Corinth to emphasize how a loving church acts, emphasizes in chapter 13 specifically how love operates, with a focus on the benefit of the other, not self-interest. Harmony and agreement marks a truly loving couple, parent-child, or church member relationship. People are valued for whom they are, not just what they can do.

My guess is that Uvgeni Plushenko is going to realize quickly that earthly powers offer little in the way of building self-worth. We North Americans would like to hold our heads high and pretend we don't act the way the Russian polititian did. However, sadly, we do; we just try not to make it so obvious. This is why the Christian should never build their life, nor their personal relationships, using worldly principles because in the end as people fail you, or you fail, your relationships fail. It leads to much disappointment and misery.

There is only one source of lasting, perfect love, that seen in the holy Trinity and personalized in the man, Jesus Christ. It is said in the Word, "There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear (I John 4:18)." The greatest fear for modern man is that one will die and their life will mean nothing. That's what millions are taught to believe if they accept Humanism, that all the pinings, hopes, accomplishments, etc. are ultimately for naught. No one will care ultimately, no one will be there for you to save you. How can anyone have a nice Valentine's Day with that worldview - you would have to be in deep denial of your own beliefs.

But there is a true love from God, called "agape," which is eternal, consistent and accessible through faith in Jesus Christ. That kind of love is the material of which good marriages, good parent-child relationships and good faith communities are built upon.