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  • Feb 21st, 2014 at 10:24 AM (CST)
  • By PD
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I am going to relate a news item which I hope will forever be stored in your memory, so that you will always have suspicion regarding supposed "truth" presented by Darwinists and especially the likes of television entities such as National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, both of which are proponents of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. Below I reference an internet article I just saw today, "Writer proves that Discovery aired fake image of Megaladon shark." The article is written by Aaron Souppouris and here's the link (if it has not been removed)

One thing is certain; you should not trust the Discovery Channel on TV! I have loathed for years the pseudo-science wrapped in slick CGI in an effort to sell to the naiive the idea that oddball (actually, more like freakish mutant) creatures lived on Earth millions of years ago. 

What lengths will an Evolutionist program such as the Discovery Channel go to in order to purportedly substantiate the "fact" of Evolution? Recently Discovery Channel showed a "dramatized documentary" Megaladon: The Monster Shark Lives in which an image was shown of German U-boats with a caption added, "Cape Town, South Africa 18 December, 1942. Behind the U-boats can be seen  a prominent dorsal fin of a shark as well as a tail fin. Added to the photo also is a dotted line over the fins and the measurement, "64ft."

Suspicious of the authenticity of the image, English author and columnist for the Guardian, George Monbiot asked requested help on the internet to ascertain whether the image was faked. It seems it was; the frame showing the U-boats is actually from archival footage of U-boats shot in the Atlantic. It appears that a sepia filter, Nazi watermark as well were added to the image. Of course, you know they will weasel out of it by claiming the show is merely, "dramatized documentary." But they know full well there are a lot of dupes out there, people who will see an image and believe it. Just like Dan Brown twisted and invented history for his book The Davinci Code, and simple-minded people took it at face value, so also Discovery Channel knows that many viewers are simpletons who will accept something because they saw it on TV! What do they care that it is fake? 

Always remember that "Science" is not infallible, and in some cases when conducted by Evolutionists is faked. The history of Darwinian Evolutionary theory is littered with many examples of outright lies and deception in an effort to sell the theory based on bogus evidence. Always have a very high degree of suspicion regarding supposed proof of evolutionary theory. Read a book such as The Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells and you will realize how many lies and how much incompetence is to be found in the supposedly reliable realm of science!