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  • Mar 5th, 2015 at 3:03 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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There is a fascinating thing happening in Science recently, something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. The cadre of scientists who were firmly on the side of the Big Bang is now starting to abandon ship! It seems incredible, but the Big Bang theory is in trouble!

I noticed about a month or so ago an article online about a professor at theUniversityofNorth Carolinaat Chapel Hill, who, along with her team, crunched the numbers and found that if the exceptions and fudge factors were removed from the attempt to mesh classic Newtonian physics with Quantum Mechanics, it works out! (Imagine that!) All that had to be jettisoned was the unnecessary tidbits which tweak the theories toward the Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory!

Then, more recently, Stephen Hawking admitted that his theory of Black Holes is full of holes - or shall we say one really BIG hole - the fact that Black holes can exist, in his words, only in theory! Wow! And our kids have been learning in science class for decades that humongous Black Holes exist in the universe, and one someday will just as likely as not swallow us all up. I thought that a mighty interesting admission, that Black Holes don't actually exist.

Meantime, did you happen to notice that over the decades the Chemical Evolutionary story has been rejected? That's because the evidence is now in and thoroughly disproved the idea that the Earth at one time had a "reducing atmosphere" which supposedly was conducive to life formation from non-life. It was a non-starter, as they say. Only in the minds of the truly desperate do chemicals make life. So, what is the alternative to how life got started? Leave it to the Science Fiction department to offer us Directed Panspermia! This is the belief (note: no evidence to support it) that aliens (note: no evidence aliens exist) seeded Earth with the ingredients for life! I really don't need to say much here, except this is such a desperate move, it's laughable. Atheists deny God (an intelligent being if ever there were one!) could not have had a hand in the formation of the Earth, but undetectable aliens (we assume they would be intelligent beings to start off humanity - or would they?) are the culprits!

I don't think these scientists who make such theories are stupid; I think they figure the general population is stupid - stupid enough to believe the soft science lacking in hard data! Sure, there was an infinitely dense, infinitely small, "Cosmic Egg” which supposedly blow up forming...  a Universe! This has always sounded like Space Bunk to me, regardless of the degrees held by those who espouse it. How hard do people have to work, even really smart people, to go for such a lame idea?

Well, now they've topped themselves! In a classic return to inanity, they are backtracking to the old (and previously well-discarded) "Eternal Universe" theory! Yes, since the Big Bang turned out to be the Big Fizzle, there is only one option left for the God Deniers, and that's the notion of a universe which always was. Let's see, a universe which is eternal, always was and always will be seemingly, which spawned us... My, that sounds like a God replacement for Atheists!

The Big Bang was supposed to do away with the Eternal Universe notion decades ago, so thoroughly it seemed that it was incredulous that anyone believed it in the first place. Now, with nowhere to go, because God cannot be tolerated, they have to retreat to intellectual suicide by reviving the Eternal Universe concept! That's a lot of Dark Matter egg on their face!

I supposed most tenured atheistic scientists and professors will not lose their funding or positions for this egregious error. That's because it is an error of believe; it never was proven, never has had any meaningful impact on applied sciences and industry. After all, a guy working with chemicals to make a better paint isn't terribly concerned about whether aliens seeded the Earth with life. So, in many respects nothing much will change in the real world of citizens; only the Ivory Tower realm of the whimsical will suffer a defeat. College students should put the screws to their atheistic professors, forcing them to account for how "Science" supposedly messed up so badly on such a seemingly obvious explanation of Origins!

Meanwhile, the Christians and intellectually sound type stare in bewilderment, pointing a finger at the closest tree, or fish, or human cell, saying, "It should be obvious that there IS a designer at work here!" I figure it may take another fifty years for that to register in the minds of our Atheist friends careening between implausible theories of Origins.