• Mar 12th, 2015 at 9:33 AM (CST)
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Relationships which are breaking down show one universal characteristic, the lapse of time spent together. Whether friendships or marriages, when the "distance" grows between people - not necessarily physical distance, which can at times make the heart grow fonder, but emotional distance - you can be assured the relationship is suffering.

The same is true regarding our relationship with God. Despite what anyone protests, if they are not spending time with God, principally in worship, Bible sharing/study groups, devotional time, and prayer time, they are not truly interested in building that relationship. We put time into the things we value, and we let slide the things we think might not be hurt by disregarding.

This is one reason so many marriages fail; too many people think the relationship can bear the brunt of disregard of time and energy put into together time and good communication. Likewise, too many nominal believers think their faith will stand up well despite neglecting God. They find out this isn't true when a crisis comes. Instead of weathering the storm, they break, just as Jesus pointed out in his extended analogy of the house and the storm (Matthew 7:24-29).

Would you consider it sensible and loving to spend one hour with a spouse per week? Would you boast that it is a fine method to secure a loving relationship? Likely not, so why would any Christian think that such paltry time spend developing a relationship with God would suffice? It doesn't. When we spend such little time and effort interacting with God we remain largely a stranger to Him. No wonder Jesus tells several stories about people who tried to cheat the system, who attempted to put in the least amount of effort in getting to know God, yet expect the maximum payoff; as expected, they were sorely disappointed! In both instances the young girls who failed to prepare with enough oil for their lamps and the rich man who built up his property are called foolish for failing to do what was necessary to secure their relationship (see Matthew 25:1-13 and Luke 12:16-21).

Each day God gives us time, enough time to connect with him. We make the choice of how important that is to us. People who spend more time with God get to know him, and they see the blessings associated with it flow into their lives. Ultimately, they are known by Jesus and claimed by him as one of his own at the Judgment.