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  • Apr 9th, 2015 at 3:52 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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I just saw a news article by Heather Weininger of Wisconsin Right to Life commenting on The Washington Post report of a new type of abortion clinic called Carafem. It will be upscale, with wood floors and a natural decor similar to salons like Aveda. For $400 this posh environment will mask the purported "care" of a chemical abortion. The women will be moved through the clinic in under 60 minutes where they will recieve counseling, tests and the first round of abortion pills. They will then be sent home to take the second round of pills, and have their abortion elsewhere than Carafem. Nice, eh? Fancy abortion mill, that is!

Another revelation; feminist poet Katha Pollitt in her new book, Pro: Relcaiming Abortion Rights, "We need to takl about ending a pregnancy as a commmon, even normal, event in the repoductive lives of women." How is that for twisted, hellish logic? This more than suggests that sexual intercourse is to be considered normal, but children are not. It is a slap in the face of every woman who has ever wanted to be a mother.

Sin is always about  "normalizing" abnormality - getting enough people to think it's ok. Whether it actually IS ok is not the point. Evil finds more comfort in larger numbers, and the argument is used that if enough people do something, it should be legal. In this particular case, simply disregard the fact that a baby is being killed! Why, suggests Pollitt, it's normal to kill a baby (of course, the phrase, "ending pregnancy" seems more in line with the veneer of a Carafem facility)! The assistive abortionists can now make it seem (for a little while at least) like a day at the Spa! 

Children are the natural event in the reproductive lives of women, and killing babies in the womb is the unnatural event. It will never be otherwise, no matter how many people declare so.