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    1. Peter

      Acts 2:36

      Why is it that every time Peter gets a chance to give a little sermon, he always included Jesus and the resurrection? Why would anyone want to make Jesus their Lord and Savior? Paul Schroeder shares why in this edition of "The Word Today".

    2. Doubting

      John 20-24

      Is it wrong to doubt, or have doubts? Was Thomas wrong to doubt his fellow disciples? If you have doubts about Jesus, what should you do about them? Pastor Doug Schroeder provides guidance in this edition of "The Word Today".

    3. Here

      Luke 24:1-12

      Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important? How does it impact you today? Pastor Doug Schroeder shares the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".

    4. Worry

      Luke 12:1-50

      We have Jesus encouraging us to not worry and try to take control over what’s happening, especially in cases where we have no control. No matter how much we might try to seek it. Jesus acknowledges these two factors in the topic of worry. One is . . .

    5. Messiah

      Isaiah 52:13 -53:12

      Who was this suffering servant referred to by Isaiah? How could loving God allow such a thing? Pastor Doug Schroeder answers these questions and more in this edition of "The Word Today".