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    1. Pain

      Genesis 3:15-20

      If we had no pain, would we really have the blissful life we think we would have? How can pain be a blessing? Douglas Schroeder may surprise you in this edition of "The Word Today".

    2. Ephesus

      Revelation 2:1-7

      What does each church and each believer have to be on guard against in their own lives? Douglas Schroeder gives the warning in this edition of "The Word Today".

    3. Christian-II

      Ephesians 2:1-10

      Can faith be earned? Can faith be bought? What priorities should a Christian have if in fact they are a Christian? Paul Schroeder shares these priorities in this edition of "The Word Today".

    4. Christian-I

      Ephesians 2:1-10

      What does it mean to truly be a follower of Christ? What are the basics? Did the Apostle Paul have anything to say about it? Paul Schroeder thinks so and shares his thoughts in this edition of "The Word Today".

    5. Lowly

      1 Corinthians 1:26

      Teams and leaders are always looking for the perfect people. Is that who Jesus seeks? What does Jesus look for in people whom He works in and through to accomplish incredible tasks. Pastor Doug Schroeder shares the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".