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    1. Rest

      Matthew 11:27-29

      When you are feeling burdened and troubled, the chances are there is something wrong in your life. Either you are living immorally or you are being dishonest, or you are . . .

    2. Rest

      Matthew 11, 11:27–29

    3. Rest

      Matthew 11:28-30, Hebrews 2

      "We’re going to spend some time thinking about that “rest” that Jesus offers. We know we all get tired physically. In fact, I had a great example of that a few weeks ago when my wife Connie and I and our boys went up to Canada to visit relatives there, because my wife is Canadian. And we had a game with my nephews and my niece of football. I was selected to guard my young vibrant nephew Stephen – very good athlete and very quick. So here I’m trying to guard him and every time I tried to reach out and . . . "