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    1. Rebuke

      Revelation 3:14-22

      Have you ever been rebuked? Have you ever rebuked someone? When is it the time to rebuke someone? What rebuke did Jesus give in Revelation 3? Doug Shroeder shares on this in today's edition of "The Word Today".

    2. Protection

      Revelation 3:7-13

      Do you remember being scared as a child? How did you cope with it? How do you cope now with being afraid? In this edition of "The Word Today", Doug Schroeder shares how Christ is our protection.

    3. Resurrection-II

      1 Corinthians 15:1-49

      Did you know that there were many witnesses who saw Jesus after He rose from the grave? What difference does that make? Paul Schroeder shares about the Resurrection of Jesus in this edition of "The Word Today".

    4. Resurrection-I

      1 Corinthians 15:1-49

      How can someone be both alive and dead at the same time? Paul Schroeder explains how in this edition of "The Word Today".