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    1. Paul

      Acts 9

      Do you have a favorite Bible character? What do you know of Pastor Schroeder's favorite?

    2. Sinful

      John 8:1-11

      Most of the time we would like to think of ourselves as good people. Reality is that we still sin. What to do?

    3. Illness

      Luke 17:11-19

      When we feel well, life can be great and enjoyable. When we feel ill things can be wretched. What is it about illness that Pastor Schroeder wants us to learn today?

    4. Thoughts

      Matthew 11

      There are many evil, immoral and negative moods and attitudes present in our society. What does Pastor Schroeder have to say to encourage us today?

    5. Balance

      John 3

      Our world is so full of bad news. How are we to handle this?