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    1. Rest

      Matthew 11:28-30, Hebrews 2

      "We’re going to spend some time thinking about that “rest” that Jesus offers. We know we all get tired physically. In fact, I had a great example of that a few weeks ago when my wife Connie and I and our boys went up to Canada to visit relatives there, because my wife is Canadian. And we had a game with my nephews and my niece of football. I was selected to guard my young vibrant nephew Stephen – very good athlete and very quick. So here I’m trying to guard him and every time I tried to reach out and . . . "

    2. Self-Denial

      Matthew 6, Luke 9, Philippians 3

      Some of Jesus’ sayings seem very difficult, very hard because they’re asking us to do things that go against our nature and against our flesh, and also because they seem contradictory at times. In one instance, Jesus . . .

    3. Judge

      Matthew 7

    4. Pride

      Matthew 6