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  • Dec 5th, 2013 at 11:47 AM (CST)
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God's Joy to all,

So, now I am a movie critic, self-proclaimed, with an eye toward analyzing movies from a Christian perspective.  My first movie to critique is Prometheus.

There are interesting, worthwhile Science Fiction movies, and there are stupid ones.

Prometheus is stupid; Aliens seed the earth with their DNA, cryptic images of a distant solar system are discovered by archaeologists in 2089, a ship is sent to investigate by a filthy rich old codger who wants to evade death, a battle to the death between two other worldly enemies... All this to lead up to a hybrid alien, which becomes the Alien in the movie of the same title.

Looking at the movie from the Christian perspective, it's a classic example of the weird thought processes of the Hollywood, left-leaning mindset. One may guffaw at the mothership dropping the sole sacrificial alien who dissolves and falls into the waterfall only to have his DNA dispersed and arise later (assumed initially, but confirmed later in the movie as a major plot element) as the evolved human race, but this is precisely the kind of crap that celebrity crackpot scientists like Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins spew. They may not adhere to such childish scenarios but they absolutely would subscribe to the tinkering by some form of alien as a cause for our existence - Just don't bring the "G Word" - God - into it!

Darwinian evolutionary theory is in such desperate straights that the Discovery Channel has to resort to manipulated graphics of non-existent creatures, writers like Christopher Hitchens have to bolster vapid arguments with insult and movie makers like Jodie Foster (and her abysmally dumb movie "Contact") have to play on the dim-whittedness of North American culture to absorb concepts as foolish as fairies and brainlessly conclude, "... it could happen." American culture steeped in Darwinism gets more idiotic by the day fed by such movies! 

The writing is stilted and forced, the premise as old has time, character development non-existent. Pot shots are taken at God at every convenient turn, showing the thinly veiled agenda against traditional faith. The female protagonist exo-biologist clings to her faith but is driven by a desire to meet "the maker," of humans, rather than any real faith in God. The movie is one headlong excuse for parking God off to the side while suggesting that alien life out there somehwere was the cause for our existence. Like I said, stupid.

It is well known among scientists that the odds of life "out there" has been calculated and those odds do not turn out well for any proposed alien form of life in the universe. In fact, the odds are effectively zero, and this is well known by Darwinist and Intelligent Design proponents. Of course, this does not stop misinformation experts like Ridley Scott, the director, and Dawkins from prostelitizing any dupes they can find. Sadly a shocking percentage of weak-minded Westerners are all too happy to take poor Space-Fi as their source for truth.

I have always found it tough to turn off my filter, to jump fully into suspension of reality mode, as the amount of reality suspended grows ever more taxing. Examples; the helmets of the space wanders remain pristinely clear even though buffeted with blistering sand and rock storms, the proto-Alien which fights with the human progenitor grows at a nonsensical rate, the Prometheus spaceship crashes into the alien ship which causes a massive explosion, yet the alien craft falls back onto the planet an suffers no additional structural damage! A mutated/infected doctor on the ship is dispatched via a flame thrower - how necessary those flame throwers are in space! - but he reutrns to attack again much less charred! A DNA test shows the human progenitor race and contemporary human DNA to match up perfectly! How about that! There is Sci-Fi, and then there is just plain dumb Sci-Fi. This is dumb Sci-Fi.

Does it get any worse than this in Sci-Fi film making? Yes, but Hollywood has to work really hard at it.

Your time is better spent going to eat out and taking a walk.

Score: 2 of 10, as there are some nice flyover scenes of the supposed proto-Earth early on, but overall solidly in the Loser category.