The Word Today has received thousands of encouraging responses to the program over the years. Here is some recent communication from around the world. Note specifically how peoples’ lives are changing because of the message of salvation in Jesus! Join us in thanking God for the faith of our listeners and the blessings they are receiving through faith.

India (Awadhi)

I want to thank the entire team of the wonderful program Nav Jeewan (The Word Today). I had never heard about Jesus Christ before. Thank you very much for this wonderful program that introduced me to Him. I want to know more about Jesus Christ.

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India (Banjara)

We are very glad to be listening to your messages and feel immensely blessed by them. We have been able to make changes in our lives because of them. Further, we learn many truths from the Bible. We now strive to live according to the word of God. God has blessed our family and we are at peace…

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India (Gondi)

Dear Brother, greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Prior to listening to this program we were very discouraged and lost. Having listened to Neta Vachan (The Word Today) we have received new hope in Jesus and the assurance of salvation from our living god. This is all …

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I am a listener of TWT program. Before knowing about this radio program, I was nominal Christian and leading my life as a non-Christian. I had a concept that all the gods are same it’s not necessary to attend church, and like these activities. But this TWT program has opened my spiritual…

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I am responding to a program called “The Word Today”. You talked about a man that drove in a car and who was thinking that he cannot see the blessings of God. I saw myself in this program. I am like that low accumulator that receives the charge and then running down again. Because…

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Thank you

I make an effort to listen to every broadcast on medium wave. It gives me great satisfaction, and it prompts me not to only listen but also to pray that the Holy Spirit works and that people may discover God’s will. And we know that it is God’s will that people receive his Son as…

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