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  • Feb 12th, 2014 at 2:16 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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Here we go again, another pro forma "Amazing Abundance of Fossils Proves Evolution," artilce trotted out by the liberal media. This time the article's proper headline reads, "Treasure trove of fossils found in Canada will 'significantly' change understanding of evolution."

I must concur with the article; scientists will fall over themselves to rewrite (for the umpteenth time) the supposed trajectory of morphological changes to creatures over time, what is called macroevolution. In other words, the Darwinists sketched out their Phylogenic Trees, hypothesized their pathways that supposedly an undirected, mindless process took to make ever more complex creatures over millions of years. As more fossils have been found globally the trees (supposed relationships) have been ajdusted, the explanations reworked - ad nauseum. Complete reversals such as dinosaurs in previous decades being regarded as cold blooded to currently being regarded as warm-blooded, are worked into the schema of evolutionary action and eventually into your child's textbook. I insist that it does not matter what is found by paleontologists; they have an a priori commitment to Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory, so they will stretch the theory to accommodate anything that is discovered. There is no disconfirming evidence allowed in Darwinian circles, because it may jeopardize your tenure or publication of scientific articles. 

Since the public has seen this pitiful propping up of a worn out theory numerous times over the past 100 years we can say confidently what will happen in regards to the discoveries at Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada. Much - very much - will be made of the numbers of fossils found, as if this in itself is evidence to confirm that animals morphed. It is not, as the entire planet could be blanketed three feet deep with fossils of animals and it still would be zero evidence that creatures transitioned into different forms.

How can I say that? Simple, we now understand biomolecular science, which has already disconfirmed the twin notions that Darwinism rests upon, namely that life can spontaneously erupt from non-life, and that DNA drives the changing of creatures' body types. Paleontology which ascribes to undirected forces the results we see from the operations of DNA should rightly now be considered a pseudo-science, on a par with UFO Chasers and believers in telekenesis. Just because there is no actual evidence doesn't mean it's not real! At least that's what they want you to believe.

In fact the ongoing discovery of countless fossils in the Kootenay, China, and around the world supports the Bible! The Bible discusses the global extinction of myriads of animals wiped out in the Flood, as seen in Genesis chapter 6. The more fossils from the Cambrian Era which are found in the fossil record the more difficult it becomes to suggest that the Bible spoke of a local flood. Scientifically, the more fossils discovered from the Cambrian era, the rock strata where the fossils are being discovered in the Kootenay park, the worse the situation becomes for proponents of Evolutionary theory. Why? Because the Precambrian strata, that is, the rocks immediately unerneath, which are supposedly a record of the animal and plant life which preceeded the Cambrian, have quite literally nearly nothing - no creatures with bones, no diversification into families and classes of animals - in other words no way for massively advanced creatures to evolve in the equivalent of a few minutes of evolutionary time (The Cambrian period is thought to have occurred between 545-495 million years ago).

It is not difficult to see what a joke this is, as though evolutionary processes took so long to get the first cell, then to branch off into multicelled organisms, and finally fumble its way into soft bodied sponges and the like which are found in the Precambrian level. But miraculously - trust me, it would be beyond a miracle for accident to do so - the insipid little nothings burst into a breathtaking cornucopia of life representing the proliferation of animal body shapes alive today!

Creationists for decades, and Intelligent Design theorists more recently, have been saying that such an "explosion" of life flattens the Darwinian schema, falsifying the theory that life inexorably fumbles its way upward. The Evolutionary explanation to the explosion in the Cambrian layer is - get this - evolutionary forces sped up! It's called Punctuated Equilibrium, and it's a pitiful excuse for a defense against the overwhelming evidence presented in the Cambrian Explosion. Supposedly this accidental, purposeless, undirected process speeds up at times, then mysteriously slows down again! How convenient! Instead of admitting to defeat, Darwinists retreat to stupid concepts, of course untested, to defend their worldview.

But you are being warned; watch out for the media hype and pro-Darwinism machine being cranked up. We will see National Geographic and Time magazine certainly have at least one, perhaps two or more, covers dedicated to the wonders of the new fossils and hawking the same tired refrain, "... this confirms evolutionary theory." Prepare yourself for the plethora of boring Discovery Channel shows with their CGI scenes to dupe the simple-minded into thinking we actually can tell what the fossilized remains looked like as animals, even though such creatures rely heavily upon artist's imaginations.

One true statement summarizes the article, "... worldwide distribution of Cambrian animals, as well as their longevity, might have been underestimated." Trust me, the only ones who were routinely "underestimating" the extent of animals in the Cambrian layer were the Darwinists, as it was not in their interest to acknowledge a global layer of flood-extinct animals! But, slowly the evidence in favor of the Bible and the Great Flood mounts. Still, don't expect the scientific establishment to change quickly. It will likely take another generation or two before Darwinism is finally cast aside as a fruitless "dead end" in science.