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  • Apr 13th, 2016 at 3:27 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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The other day as I sat in my car preparing to drive out of the post office, a woman walked up toward me, realized that she had absentmindedly walked to the wrong car, then embarassed, stepped away toward her own car. The mistake was understandable, as my car is a sand colored full size sedan and hers was a similar color compact car from the same manufacturer.

I thought I would create a moment of levity, so I put down the window and said, "It seems you wanted to trade up on your car!" She laughed and replied, "Yes... and I should probably trade up my life, too!" That was an interesting response, which makes me wonder what might be happening, good or bad, in her life. When someone is willing to "trade up" their life, things likely are not perceived as going too well.

As I drove away I considered that when a person becomes a Christian they have "traded up" in life. They have left self-determination and a hopeless future without God for a loving relationship with the Lord and a promise of redemtion and eternal life! That is a fabulous upgrade on living!

By turning one's life over to the control of Christ, while still struggling with the consequences of sin  - ours and/or others' - while here on earth, we get an "enhanced" future in Heaven. And that upgrades today merely thinking about it!