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  • Feb 7th, 2020 at 11:36 AM (CST)
  • By PD
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There is a tendency to see new threats to the public as a cause for mild, ongoing worry, or even low-level panic. Stress and anxiety can creep upward such that one is eventually unable to relax, sleep well, and have a positive outlook. Lately global disease is the topic of concern as regards the Corona Virus’s spread. This morning a news item from CBS states, “Officials warn of drug called ‘gray death’, ” which is a super-potent heroin cut with fentanyl. It is said to be so lethal that persons should not even touch it. I wonder what are the odds of some deranged person(s) attempting to make a dirty bomb with it to wipe out masses of people.

Can a Christian have joy in this kind of world? Yes, of course! But, that joy had better not be found in the pleasures of this life, or hope in sinful humanity. It must reside in our Lord, and in the promises of salvation, particularly the promise of resurrection from the dead and eternal life through Jesus, our Lord!