Blog » Why Are We Asking the Unconcerned and Nominal Christians to "Keep Christ in Christmas"?

  • Dec 17th, 2013 at 2:02 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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Here's a Christmastide thought for you...

We believers in the West are encountering stiff resistance from cultural dimwits, people who think that Christianity is somehow spoiling our culture. These individuals are dense enough to believe the idea that a liberal-draconian implementation of "separation of church and state" is a good thing, and by it they aim to marginalize and hopefully eradicate vestages of faith in the public sphere.

In response some creative believer coined the phrase, "keep Christ in Christmas," as though it were a sales slogan. What strikes me as odd is that the phrase implicitly targets the population of disinterested and or nominal Christians, ones who don't give a rip about authentic Christianity! We already know that skeptics and atheists, typically those who have foolishly sold out intellectually to Neo-Darwinism, would wish the entire Christian church done away with.

But what about those nominal believers and the supposed "good moral people" who basically blow with whatever cultural winds happen along? Well, I don't believe we will get much support from them! Will they vote at the polls to support conservative Christian leadership? No; are you kidding? They will vote whatever will milk the system for them the most, moral consequences be damned! Will they vote with their voice by wishing others, "Merry Christmas," or standing up to their employer to fight for their religious rights in so doing? Are you kidding? Faith means so little to them that they couldn't conceive of doing something so forward. They are the kind who excuse themselves from the Gospel imperative of actually speaking of Christ by saying lovely hellish platitudes like, "... I show my faith by my actions." Interpret that as, "I wouldn't be outspoken for my faith because Jesus doesn't mean that much to me."

Will these people vote with their dollars to support Christian ministries which disseminate the news from a Christian perspective, or think tanks and lawyers who fight for our religioius liberty? Are you kidding? These people don't even begin to support their local church by meaningful offerings! They would choke on the idea that they would really have to tithe to be an authentic beliver, so they're certainly not going to go over the top and give to socially driven Christian ministries!

So, long term exactly what is the phrase, "Keep Christ in Christmas," supposed to accomplish if the nominal Christians and the hypothetically "moral" non-religious aren't going to do anything to advance the cause of Christianity? I think the prhase is going to be nothing more than a topical ointment, a local anesthetic to numb the simple-minded while the underpinings of Christianity continue to erode in North America.

I don't advance the prhase, "Keep Christ in Christmas," because it is intellectually stultifying. It's like saying, "Keep liberty the reason for the fourth of July." I'm not "keeping" Christ in Christmas, because Christ IS CHRISTmas! For the Christian there is not other option. I fully expect appreciation for and celebration of Christian expression of Christmas to erode in our country - thank you especially to all those nominal "Christians" for whom social acceptance and blending in (read social comfort) is more important than the Savior's Kingdom being advanced in the world.

What we need are more people who will not push Christ from their mind, and who will act to advance His Kingdom's cause; then there wouldn't need to be a campaign to "Keep Christ in Christmas"!