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  • Apr 2nd, 2015 at 11:06 AM (CST)
  • By PD
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North American culture has gone foolish, preferring to promote the ludicrous assumptions of Darwinian Theory over the strong data supporting Intelligent Design theory. As such, since God has been ruled out a priori, it falls to Aliens somewhere out there to be the source of all the ingenuity, creativity, planning and execution of design so abundantly evident on Earth.


Nowadays, seemingly intelligent people discuss with a straight face the possibility that things such as precise dispersion characteristics of a pulsar might indicate the existence of an alien civilization reaching out to us! Then again, the article “Are Aliens Behind Mysterious Radio Bursts? Scientists Weigh In,” at the Huffington Post online today, admits the source may be a cell phone tower being picked up by the radio telescope!  The article quotes Michael Hippke, a scientist at the Institute for Data Analysis, “Hippke said the pulses probably are generated by some as-yet-unidentified source here on Earth that emits short-frequency radio waves followed by high-frequency ones -- perhaps something as simple as a cell phone base station. If that's not the explanation, it's possible they come from a new, unknown kind of cosmic object in deep space.This lends a lot of confidence to the prognostications of discovering other galactic communities, doesn’t it?


Well, let’s see; a Supernova doesn’t explode with exact precision to make perfectly timed pulses (11 sets of them recorded since 2007), all at a multiple of 187.5. But, of course, machines made by humans can! So, it’s very likely the radio telescope is picking up an Earth-bound source intermittently. But it makes for great indoctrination to promote the Alien idea! Darwinian based science has such wonderful objectivity, scouring the universe for the beings out there in the face of overwhelming data (see works such as The Privileged Planet by Gonzalez and Richards) showing the universe is not fit for carbon-based life forms, the only kind of life of which we can sensibly conceive.


The pulses, may, that is a very statistically thin may, be some natural phenomenon, but you are secure scientifically to conclude the idea that aliens sent them, is fluff sensationalism at the expense of common sense.