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  • Apr 17th, 2015 at 9:31 AM (CST)
  • By PD
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It seems that hardly a week goes by without some pop science article regarding finding "life in space," in some form. Regularly the astronomically poor chances statistically of any form of life as we know it existing in the hellishly harsh conditions of space, including all the various moons and planetoids, is as close to zero as one can get. Literally, your odds of winning the Powerball Lottery, or El Gordo (Note, I do NOT endorse gambling; it's a terrific waste of resources and fomenths greed, a sin.) multiple times in a row are far better than life existing in space. In fact, you would be more likely to win such a lottery dozens of times in a row than for life to exist in space.

Why is that fact so consistently ignored by the scientific establishment? Why is it so religiously ignored by the press? It's called bias, and there is a heavy anti-Christian bias in the Darwinian scienific establishment, as well as the liberal media. So, instead of presenting the objective facts which are supported by statistical analysis, they keep turning to characters like Neal DeGrasse Tyson for sound bites and propoganda.

NASA's chief scientist Ellen Stofan recently said, "I think we're going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we're going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years." In the face of overwhelming statistical evidence that there is NO life in the universe except here (Mathematically, all one has to do is add up the dozens upon dozens of finely tuned conditions necessary for life, ALL of which must be met, and the odds against it accidentally happening is profoundly convincing.) the declaration is being made that it will be found within 30 years. In the same article, "Signs of Life Will Be Found by 20125, NASA's Chief Scientist Predicts" at, by Mike Wall, Former astronaut John Grunsfeld suggests that the solar system and broader Milky Way, "... teem with environments that could support life as we know it."

Consider the absurdity of that comment. We know that many conditions are absolutely critical for life to exist, yet consistently, the radical Darwinian establishment promotes the idea that if one or two of them is found it suggests that the discovery of life is not far behind. It is difficult to overstate how overblown such claims are. When the claim is made that nearly every star in the sky hosts planets and that many of the may be habitable, it's like saying, "You could conceivably win the Lotto 100 times in a row!" Simply conceiving of something doesn't make it statistically possible. This is where the public is being buffaloed by the press and scientific establishment.

I propose a challenge! I propose that we of the Intelligent Design crowd draw a huge line in the sand of Earth; the line stands for the position that no life will be forthcoming from space. If life is found elsewhere within 30 years, then we will grant that the position of "Directed Panspermia", the idea that Earth was seeded from life from Out There, is a tenable theory. Of course, this only would begin a regression regarding the question of where life came from. However, if no definitive evidence of life is discovered, then Darwinism is once and for all dead.

Darwinists rely upon the short memory of the public to tweak and band aid their theory over decades. This is how Punctuated Equilibrium and Directed Panspermia got their start, as remedies to a theory in trouble. Now, over time such things are heralded as big breakthroughs, when in fact they have not been demonstrated.  All manner of nonsensical permutations of science have been tried through the years, including Lamarkianism, Steady State Theory, and the Multiverse Theory. They arecontorted soft science ideas which havefound falsifying evidence against them. Yet, the bizarre ideas to create workarounds for failed Darwinism and the Big Bang keep coming.  

Microbiology, Information Theory, Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Cosmology are among the sciences that have contributed falsifying evidence already to such a degree that it is dedidedly backwards to continue believing in Darwinism today. But, old - and often very poor - ideas die hard, and it takes a preponderance of evidence to convince some. Besides, the priesthood of Atheisim, the Darwinian scientists, do not wish to lose their tenure, their book and TV specials, etc. So, they will fight until the evidence shows how out of touch they are.

The Evolutionists have made a claim, and I am calling it! They have so little evidence that if the public knew how flimsy it was, they would scream at the waste of their tax dollars being used to search for life in space. Consider the foolishness of blowing billions on such antics when supposedly our own ecosystem is deteriorating.

Of course, if it is claimed that evidence of life in the solar system has been found, the evidence  has to stand up to scrutiny, not this nonsense about meteorites showing supposed bacterial forms in rock when they are one tenth the size of any such thing on earth, or the presence of water on a planet when dozens of conditions necessary for life are absent.

One can see the underlying desperation of the boasting of scientists like Ellen Stofan when the vastness of space is considered. We are talking hundreds of light years in scale, and the claim is made that we will find life within three decades? That would be like a gold prospector proclaiming that gold will be found in every inch of ground on the earth. This shows that the Darwinists desperately want the evidence of life to be found throughout the universe, as though it is riddled with evidence of spontaneous generation of life. Why is that? Then they can suggest it was only a matter of time for the right accidental combination to come along.

So, let's turn their assumption against them, and force them to face the hard truth; if hard evidence of life is not found in 30 years, then it doesn't exist elsewhere in the universe. I would love for the matter to be settled in my lifetime. God grant that I can see that day.