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  • Apr 29th, 2015 at 2:45 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are ruling on the raging culture war over homosexal marriage. In just a few decades the topic has gone from a flicker to a fire, frankly an inferno of antichristian sentiment and celebration of humanism. For the past two decades I have been saying that America is apostacizing, and is paganizing. When the most powerful court in the land is even considering such a ruling it shows how far our culture has fallen.

I believe that if the ruling is unfavorable to conservative Christianity, that is, the Bible's standards of morality and marriage, the United States' "fate" is sealed; it will be destroyed. I see no other future given the gravity of the decision and the immovable standards of the Lord. Any culture which snubs God's Law will be thrown down - no exceptions.

Further, if this trend continues, the threat exists that tax exempt status will be revoked from churches which do not accept the ruling. This would eviscerate traditional Christianity's resources, while abetting liberal "Christianity". America has been a beacon of the light of the Gospel, shone by conservative Christians to the world. Imagine that beacon, if not entirely extinguished, dimmed by Secularist filtering. This would be a grave sin in God's eyes, and another reason to do away with the country.

We have seen the rise of aggressive Darwinism, militant Humanism, and now raging trans-gender and homosexual activism. The result has been a broad-based decline in transmission of the Gospel to another generation. Sadly, the court will rule without definitive evidence that Homosexuality is genetically predetermined; it will have as its basis primarily social pressure for such a ruling.

Christianity in America in the past 50 years has not seen any substantial threat to its operation. Now, the threat exists, and sadly it has arisen from our own ranks of citizens. It also would be enforced by the law of the land, which presents a new landscape. Biblical Christians who refuse to comply will be punished with either fiscal or penal consequences. That would make America closer to the environment in which the Faith was birthed.

It is this simple; if America normalizes gay marriage, it is the end of America. God is patient and forgiving, but he does not permit cultures to survive which abdicate his Law permanently. The prophets of the Old Testament warned of the demise of first Israel, then Judah, as the countries refused to heed correction. Their fall tarried, but came with certainty. The same will happen to the United States unless it backs away from such a sin.