Blog » The Farce That Is the Search for Water/Life On Mars

  • Sep 29th, 2015 at 4:55 PM (CST)
  • By PD
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Do you realize the search for water, and with it potentially, some form of life, on Mars is unrelated to the question of whether Darwinian Evolution occurred? It is unrelated. What is happening on a grand scale is the same kind of misdirection that occured when a group from our church on mission to Ecuador were shown the Galapagos Islands. Guides pointed at species of animals and credited evolution for their characteristics.

Oh, really? Even though there is no actual evidence of those features developing over millions of years, evolutionary theory is given the credit. Similarly, anything remotely associated with Earth on Mars is given credit for the evolution of life.

So, let's say for the sake of argument that a space bacteria is found alive on Mars. Just how does this prove the origin of the bacteria? It doesn't. Discovery of the existence of a creature does not address how that creature got there. Discussion of adaptation to the environment does not answer how the creature showed up.

To attempt such answers one has to get smaller, on the level of DNA analysis. Even at that level the answer to the question of where life comes from is not answered. (Well, I would say it's answered quite clearly by the signs of Inteligence displayed in its genetic blueprint, pointing the the Creator!) Sadly, even though scientsts know this, they still let the public think such things as water on Mars are terribly important for answering the question of how life got started. It's only important for funding NASA and hypothetical faith propositions for Darwinism.

ANY life found ANYwhere else in the universe must still be met with the same unanswered question, how did it appear. The way science is done today, with the reigning paradigm of Big Bang, accident, undirected purposeless "progress", and supposed genetic meanderings is a poor roadmap to an answer.

The search for water on Mars or anywhere else in the universe is a case of infinite regression, an endless set of questions without answers, as can be seen by the question, "If we find life on Mars, where did that life come from?" You can see how useless the theoreticlaly huge discovery of "water on Mars" is to answering it. But, you can bet that any discovery of life will be promoted endlessly as evidence that life here on Earth evolved - and there won't be a shred of hard scientific evidence to support the conclusion.

Do not expect life to be found on Mars. Chemical evolution is a stillborn theory, and Mars lies outside the Sun's habitable zone. Someone would have needed to move Mars tens of millions of miles closer to the Sun to even make life reotely possible.

I have to laugh at the suggestion that because Earth has such weird creatures as the Tardigrade, which can endure extremes of temperature and pressure, that somehow life could have arisen elsewhere, like Mars. The thinking person will note that a creature fully formed here does not support the idea of a creature evolving elsewhere. Again, there is no evidence the Tardigrade evolved, and its existence is no evidence that anything living has ever evolved anywhere!

So, because the surface temperature of Mars is just warm enough to melt water - never mind the air temperature is from 1 to -178 degrees Farenheit and -225 degrees Farenheit at the poles - this is supposedly evidence that any form of life evolved? You can see the ludicrous nature of the association!