Why Give to The Word Today?

If God motivates you to give to support the work of The Word Today you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your money is used completely – yes, 100% - for the mission work of Christianity, specifically, supporting The Word Today in the international languages in which it is aired.

The Word Today’s International Headquarters is paid for and has no debt; no radio broadcast funds are used for the maintenance of the building. There are no salaries or speakers fees paid to Pastor Paul or Pastor Doug; they are supported by their local congregation. All of your donation goes to support the broadcast of the Gospel in the languages so that the maximum number of people can be reached.

A ratio of approximately 1 penny U.S. per person is maintained by the ministry of The Word Today. That means a $10 U.S. gift will reach 1,000 people with a broadcast of the message of Christ! The efficiency of radio is stunning, and it is still the most effective way to reach large numbers of people in many languages in the world.

What does your money buy for the work of the Gospel? For each language in which The Word Today is aired a group of local musicians is hired a single time to play the introductory and closing music for the program, and this is used weekly for the broadcast.

The English program is translated by an indigenous person fluent with the language, and either they or another native speaker record the program in their language for broadcast.

An indiginous engineer, or radio studio operator, records the program, and the most efficient transmitter or local station broadcasts the program. I some cases the most cost-effective method is to use Short-Wave or a variation of a “Cable Radio” system.

In other words, when you are supporting The Word Today, you are are also supporting Christians in many countries around the world who are helping to produce the Gospel program in their native language (see How The Program Is Made). Donations to The Word Today not only support these broadcasts but allow for growth to produce the program in additional languages.

There are very few ministries in the world which can say that your entire gift is used for the work of the Gospel. If you wish to participate in one of the world’s most efficient and productive evangelistic ministries donate to The Word Today!

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