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    1. Grace

      Romans 3:23

      At any given time in life you may feel satisfied or terribly bad. What is a solution to cope with this?

    2. Lord's Supper

      Exodus 12:1-30

      Very rarely in life do we have a meal that is so unique and so special that we never forget it. Jesus shared such a meal with His closest friends just before His crucifixion.

    3. See

      Matthew 9:36-10:1

      There is no one so blind as he who would not see. Ralf Stores, of TWR, joins Pastor Schroeder and shares more of the work taking place now to get the Gospel to the world.

    4. Urgency

      Mark 1

      The job of taking the news of salvation to the world is urgent. Ralf Stores of TWR joins the program to share some of what is happening to get the news out.