The Word Today Bambara

Listener responses to The Word Today Bambara:

• Text Message: I listen to your Word of the Day in Bambara which blesses me richly. This type of emission is what we need. Particularly we are delivered from our sins when listening to the broadcast. I now understand and begin to do things orderly. Last month, after staying with the woman outside wedlock, I decided to marry her, thanks to your enlightening broadcast.

• Phone Call: This Christian program has helped me to realize who I am in the Lord. Many thanks to the producers of this program.

• Text Message: I like your program in Bambara which explains well the Word of God in our native language. The theme was on the great sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of our soul. Jesus Christ through His sacrifice became a high priest, entered once for all in the Holy of holies with His blood, not the blood of goats, enabling us to directly address to God through Him. God bless you.

• Phone Call: Thank you for your program on the parable of the sower. This parable enabled me to understand a lot of biblical truths. I pray that the Lord helps me to have a good heart so that I can apply His word to my life and bear fruits every day.

Mali, Africa

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