The Word Today Jula

Listener responses to The Word Today Jula:

• I was a Muslim and I converted to Christianity. Since then my family abandoned me, nobody wants to see me. In the church I attend, nobody visits me. I practically live alone and I suffer. My life knows many mystical attacks that affect my physical health. I ask for your moral support and guidance that will help me to stand firm in Jesus.

• I am a Muslim. I am happy to listen to your radio program. The message you preach is the truth. The words you say strengthen me. Today I can say say I know a little about the Word of God.

• I was very happy to listen to your program “The Word Today” in Jula. It was edifying. My mother is Christian, but I was not totally committed to Christianity, but today the words spoken really touched me. I ask you to pray for me so that I can make the decision to follow Christ and His supporters to change my life.

• I enjoy listening to The Word today in Jula. I listen whenever I get a chance. It helps me to understand and improve my walk with the Lord. Thank you! May God help you in this work of edification.

• I was desperate and I had begun to lose hope. Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ my parents are denying me because I have betrayed the Muslim religion. For the past two years it has been difficult for me. On several occasions, I have tried to ask my parents for forgiveness but not to return to Islam. When I listen to your show it reconfirms my position in Christ. Thank you for supporting me in prayer and guidance, I need it.

Mali, Africa

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