The Word Today Nepali

Listener responses to The Word Today Nepali:

• I was man of lost of many things in my life; first I lost my wife and while I was working in India I have lost my three fingers of my right hand… While I was listening to the program I started to revive my life… I found my TREASURE in my life through TWT program!

• I was unknowing about that there is salvation in Jesus Christ. By hearing the program, I got so wonderful message about salvation and eternal peace through believe to Jesus Christ which was important to me because I was so tired and about to give up from my religion practices. I began to follow God’s word according to direction by TWT radio program… In this way my life is going on ahead towards Godly paths.

• My background belongs to Hindu and middle class family. I am believer since 2011. The program is not only gave me spiritual food but also nutrition and energy to mature my faith through teaching the Word of God. I am living happily by the grace of Jesus Christ and TWT programs.

• I am 14 years old, there are 3 members in my family. I am regular listener of TWT program and I listen it regularly. Before we were Hindu religious family. But TWT program only made the way to believe in Jesus in my life. As I believed our whole family came to Christ and with full assurance we all took the baptism service. So as we are just babyin our faith now please pray for us for our strong faith.

Nepal, India

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