The Word Today Sgaw Karen

Listener responses to The Word Today Sgaw Karen:

• Email: Last week I read the message about water in Sgaw Karen The Word Today script sent to me from TWR-Myanmar. I received much spiritual strength. If there is no water, no creature can survive and if God doesn’t give salvation, we humankind will not get salvation. I am so strengthened spiritually when I heard that those who accept Savior Jesus Christ will be saved and escaped from judgment. This message made my life more profound. I can also share this message with others.

• Letter: I received three scripts of Sgaw Karen The Word Today on the topics, “Church, Establishment, and Fruit.” When I read these sermons, I come to know the messages clearly and I am very pleased and invigorated. I also received spiritual strength and helped me like a wall of foundation.

• Letter: I receive many spiritual lessons for my Christian living by reading the messages of Sgaw Karen The Word Today. A believer who believes in God will never be ashamed. Likewise Psalmist says in Psalm 23, we will never be ashamed and afraid when encountering hardship.

Burma and Thailand, Southeast Asia

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